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Mike Rowe’s “The Way I Heard It” Is Storytelling With Style!

The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe offers a wide selection of short stories. The podcast said they aspired to become the new “The Rest of the Story”. The first six episodes were released March 1st, and have the Paul Harvey tone Mike said he wanted. All the podcasts are a short 6-8 minutes in length so they can fit in anyone’s schedule.

Some stories are mini-biographies. Mike Rowe gives us background tales of Hedy Lemar, Bruno Mars, James Earl Jones, and Mel Brooks. He has a style (ala “The Rest of the Story”) of not telling the audience who the story is about until the end. Sometimes I could guess who he was talking about (Hedy Lemar and Mel Brooks), and others I was surprised to learn who Mike was talking about. This adds to the fun, as the audience scrambles to think of who it is while the story is being told.

Other stories are little vignettes of history, rather than about one specific person. How did an American grocery store in a small town helped end a communist regime? Why did a doctor get fired and committed to an asylum for recommending doctors wash their hands? These stories are also explained. I’ll not spoil these, why don’t you listen to them here.

My only confusion with this new podcast is with the release schedule. The first six podcasts were released at once on March 1st, 2016. No future release schedule is discussed on the podcast. I wonder if there will be more to come, if so when? Why were 6 released at once, rather than scheduled daily, or weekly, etc.?

UPDATE 03/07/16:  Mike Rowe stated 3/5/16 on Facebook that he does not know how long the series will run, but the plan is to post a new episode every Tuesday for the next few months, and if people continue to like it, more episodes will be written. He also mentioned the first six episodes were released at once so that the audience would get a sense of what the episodes are.

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