Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase

Stories from the air! Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase!

Betty N. Thesky is a flight attendant for a major airline and records funny stories she encounters herself, from fellow flight attendants, and pilots as she travels around the world. The podcast has been running since August 2005. Each episode of “Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase!” is just over a half hour, and releases monthly.

Betty must have her recorder always with her to get all these stories. The audio may not be perfect, wind is picked up and sometimes voices are muffled. Despite this, the stories are usually worth the less-than-perfect audio. Hear these adventures of silliness, all while handling in-air medical emergencies, and still managing a full beverage service.

My favorite stories are the ones of crazy passengers. So called “normal” people can sometimes do hilarious things. Some passengers take ambien for the first time, and pee in the wrong places. Children sleep in the overhead bins. Passengers throw up (a lot).

Betty also records stories from the locals when she is traveling. Did you know there is an island where the coconuts never will fall on your head? There is also the occasional celebrity encounter. Other stories are about the employees themselves. One flight attendant wears a cape over their uniform. Some flight attendants tell their best in-flight ghost stories.

This podcast is definitely worth a listen if you enjoy travel stories. I have subscribed and look forward to hearing more adventures in the sky from Betty!

The website for the podcast can be found here. Episodes can be found here. She also has a book from 2010 compiling many of her stories available in paperback and ebook.

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