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Presidential by The Washington Post

Presidential first aired January 10, 2016. Each week the podcast will discuss a U.S. president, from George Washington to the President-Elect of 2016. Each episode is 30-45 minutes in length, and episodes are released each Sunday.

The show assumes we do not know a lot about the presidents, which makes the show very approachable. Someone who is well versed in U.S. History will not find any new insights with this show.

Host Lillian Cunningham from The Washington Post interviews experts for each president. I was reminded of the History Extra podcast as they have a similar interview with an expert format.

Each episode is not an in-depth biography of each president. With only 30-45 minutes for each man, we get just a taste of their lives and background. Personally, I thought there was just enough history to get interested, and then the podcast would be over. The show can leave you wanting more at times. Anything that prompts people to become more interested in history is a good thing.

I give the show a 4.5 out of 5. The show is timely (being an election year), enjoyable, and well produced.

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