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Shiver Me Timbers! History of Pirates Podcast

Host “Captain” Craig Buddy clearly has a passion for pirates. This well-researched podcast would be perfect for anyone interested in pirates, history or both. The host has delved deeply into the pirates of the ancient world, and is moving forward in time. Craig shows us that Greek pirates, Cilician pirates and Illyrian pirates were just as dangerous as the 17th century swashbucklers I think of as being stereotypical “pirates”.

The podcast emphasizes fun and keeps the history interesting. Each episode hits my sweet spot of 20-45 minutes.

Upon listening to the first 10 episodes, I do have a few issues I feel I must mention. The first negative is the release schedule. The host is a student, and only has limited time to produce this show. There can be up to three months in-between episodes.

The second issue with this podcast is there can be strange sound effects edited in. These are obviously intended to introduce levity and make the history more fun. For me personally, these detracted from the experience. Movie lines, and scenes from the Simpsons broke me out of the world the host is describing.

The third, and final complaint is about tone. When listening to early episodes, the host is clearly reading from a script. There is an unnatural quality to the speech. This improves greatly as the episodes continue. If you can make it to about episode 7, the host finds his ‘voice’ and the tone becomes more confident and conversational.

If you like History of Rome / Revolutions / History of Byzantium, this is another podcast to add to your list. I personally hit the ‘subscribe’ button and am looking forward to the next episode.

Episodes can be found at the website www.historyofpiratespodcast.com/. There are some maps there to help follow along in the action, and many useful books are recommended if you wish to continue your own research. The podcast has been running since November, 2014.

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