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Foodies Unite! How It Got In Your Mouth Podcast

Everyone loves food, but some people take their love for food to a higher level. The hosts of How It Got In Your Mouth are the best kind of foodie. They have quite varied tastes, and each episode tell the backstory of one food item. Topics covered vary from foods I’ve had frequently (tater tots, cheeseburgers) to foods I have never had before (Bahn Mi, Cioppino).The hosts, Erin Mosbaugh and Katherine Spiers are both food writers from Los Angeles. Although some of the foods mentioned I have not tried, all the episodes are interesting, with a fun discussion of the history and cultural significance of each food food.

I particularly enjoyed the episode on Chicken Tikka Masala, one of my personal favorite foods. The hosts tried to unravel the history of the dish, who’s origins are debated between Britain and India. The hosts call this dish a ‘gateway’ to other Indian food. I completely agree with this assessment, as many people I know first tried Indian food by tasting CTM.

I was really looking forward to reviewing this podcast, and was not disappointed. I thoroughly enjoyed the first nine episodes of the show. My only small criticism is that there is considerable time spent discussing where to best find various foods in and around Los Angeles. Not particularly interesting to a nationwide and worldwide audience.

The best part of this podcast is the hosts do their best to delve into the history of the foods they are discussing. Where the food comes from geographically and how it came to be in it’s present form are what really set this podcast apart. Consider this show the food version of Sawbones (a medical history podcast you should really be listening to).

Episodes can be found on iTunesStitcher, or Soundcloud. Their website can be found here.

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