bbc global news podcast

BBC Global News The only news podcast you need?

I would say this is the only news podcast you need, but actually I recommend two. BBC Global News and NPR Hourly News. This podcast is from the BBC and has a worldwide news focus. This podcast is about 30 minutes long and comes out twice per day.

The other news podcast I subscribe to is hourly, but short (5 minutes). What I love about the BBC Global News podcast is the 30 minute length is enough time to delve deeply into a few different news items. I really think 30 minutes is perfect, long enough for a few interviews, but short enough to get your news and move on. Especially for those of us that listen to all podcasts at 2x speed!

Episodes are compiled twice per day (AM and PM) during the week, and daily on the weekends. Episodes remain on the feed for 30 days. The podcast can be found on the BBC website or on iTunes.

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